Privacy Policy Update

You’ve all received a slurry of emails lately letting you know about new data privacy rules. Like most every other company providing information and services via the Web, we’re being forced to join the party. We’ve added this article to let you know that we’ve updated our Privacy Policy to comply with the new rules (irrespective of how irrelevant :).

The gist of it is: we write this blog to provide people with interesting, and hopefully useful insights and information – we respect your privacy and we only use the data you provided when you signed up to notify you of a new article. We use generic data to track how people are accessing our site (which articles are the most read, and where they come from) so that we can continue to provide you with something great.

You can read the full policy here, If you no longer wish to be subscribed to our blog . just use the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of your latest email from us.




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About the Author

Dr. Jeb Hurley is a leading expert on team dynamics and building high-performance hybrid / remote teams. He guides leaders in understanding and influencing human behavior and creating trust and psychological safety. Jeb’s innovative, behavioral science-based approach to leadership development improves team performance and people’s wellbeing faster and at a lower cost. Learn more about Jeb’s work at Brainware Partners.