Leading Project Teams: Best Practices

Leading Project Teams: Best Practices

Leonardo da Vinci: the Vitruvian ManProject management is the cornerstone of many industries ranging from construction and social work to software development. The ubiquity of project teams has increased the importance of understanding the drivers of project success. Aga, Noorderhaven, and Vallejo (2016) utilized a two-stage sampling technique to survey 200 project managers. The purpose of the research was to understand the relationship between project team leadership style, team building, and project success. Using hierarchical multiple regression analysis, the research results revealed a significant, positive relationship between a team leadership style that focuses on ensuring role clarity and improving social relationships across the team, and project success.

Focus on Relationships

The results also demonstrated the importance of project leaders embracing proactive team-building that focuses on solving process and interpersonal problems. Those actions are the hallmarks of a transformational team leadership style. Those transformational team leaders are in the habit of consistently closing process and people relationship gaps. This focus on key relationships leads to improved team performance and increased project success.

Aga, D. A., Noorderhaven, N., & Vallejo, B. (2016). Transformational leadership and project success: The mediating role of team-building. International Journal of Project Management, 34(5), 806-818.

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