Team Relationship Management: The Audiobook is Here!

Trust worldwide is at an all-time low. But, business goes on and the demand for innovative solutions requires networks of teams. Many of these teams have been forced to work remotely, compounding already complex dynamics and heightening their frustrations.

Now, more than ever, cultivating trust on teams and helping each person feel secure, safe, and supported is the key to reducing stress at work, building inclusiveness, and keeping performance at its peak.

The Team Relationship Management audiobook — written by Dr. Jeb Hurley and narrated by Colin Key — is a practical guide for a new generation of conscious leaders. In five parts, you’ll journey from the rise of team-based organizations in the 20th century to discovering the three behaviors the best team leaders employ that deliver greater inclusion, higher engagement, and superior performance:

  • Laying a foundation of core values and norms that bring out the best in people.
  • Inspiring individual motivation through understanding people’s core psychological needs.
  • Managing team relationships in a manner that creates and sustains trust.

If you are as passionate about people’s well-being at work as you are about their performance, and understand the connection between the two, this book is for you.

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About the Author

Dr. Jeb HurleyOver the past 25 years, Dr. Jeb Hurley has held GM, VP, and CEO roles at companies ranging from Fortune 100 to startups. While doing his doctoral research, he spent five years walking together with today’s team leaders experiencing what was and wasn’t working on the front lines. His second book, Team Relationship Management, looks at team leadership and superior team performance through the lens of behavioral science, focusing on the behaviors that inspire trust and peak performance on teams.

Dr. Jeb S. Hurley is the co-founder and CEO of Xmetryx. He holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership with a research focus on human motivation, engagement, and team effectiveness. He has also completed executive leadership programs at the Center for Creative Leadership, Harvard Business School, and The Aspen Institute.

See Jeb’s full bio and connect with him on LinkedIn.

About the Narrator

Colin W KeyColin Key has worn a number of creative hats along the way. His first was as a top rated major market radio deejay where he spent several years moving “town to town up and down the dial” before turning his attention to writing and audio production. Key’s work creating vivid audio content served to hone his voice over skills and ultimately led him to New York and a lucrative career as a national voice artist. For nearly two decades, he has been seen and heard on hundreds of commercials, promos and narration projects. Key is also an award-winning writer and filmmaker and recently earned an MFA in acting from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He has since added teaching and mentoring up-and-coming artists to the hat rack. Colin is an avid portrait photographer and the father of two overly photographed kids.

Connect with Colin on Twitter, Instagram, or his website Colin Key Photography.

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About the Author

Dr. Jeb Hurley is a leading expert on team dynamics and building high-performance hybrid / remote teams. He guides leaders in understanding and influencing human behavior and creating trust and psychological safety. Jeb’s innovative, behavioral science-based approach to leadership development improves team performance and people’s wellbeing faster and at a lower cost. Learn more about Jeb’s work at Brainware Partners.