Why This Blog?

During my 25-plus years of building and leading teams of all types, across diverse cultures and generations, I have found that much of the “expert” advice given to team leaders added little practical value to those of us facing the day-to-day challenges of team leadership, which often feels like changing the tires on a moving car while plotting its course. There were some innovative ideas, they just didn’t come with the tools to implement them.

Early in my career I had the good fortune of working with some exceptional team leaders. Over the course of my career journey, I also experienced or observed mediocre (at best) team leaders and teams. As I stepped into my first team leader role, I made plenty of mistakes. Over time, through a combination of good coaching and excellent training, I developed a pretty good handle on the art and science of leading a team. Yet, when asked, “What really makes exceptional teams and team leaders different from the rest?” I struggled to provide a clear answer that other team leaders could easily implement. That struggle, and my passion to make a difference in the coaching and development of new team leaders, led to my decision to complement my years of hands-on team leadership experience with the depth and breadth of discovery that comes with pursuing a doctorate.

So why this blog? My purpose is to share the insights that I gained during my quest to answer the question “What really makes exceptional teams and team leaders different from the rest?” I believe that those insights, and the tools that emerged from them, can help team leaders to elevate the experience of their team members, and in doing so not only deliver superior team performance but also make the world better – one team at a time.

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About the Author

Dr. Jeb Hurley is a leading expert on team dynamics and building high-performance hybrid / remote teams. He guides leaders in understanding and influencing human behavior and creating trust and psychological safety. Jeb’s innovative, behavioral science-based approach to leadership development improves team performance and people’s wellbeing faster and at a lower cost. Learn more about Jeb’s work at Brainware Partners.